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Students being supported by ASHA CHINH

Education is the best gift you can give to any child!

Everyday we see children begging on the light crossings or infront of the temples. These children deserve equal opportunity to study like any other child but are forced to lead such life only due to circumstances of theri birth. On growing up they are exploited as child labourers followed by being sucked into the underworld. They don't have any hope in life and are destined to become a criminal. Education is the only way to protect them from becoming beggers or criminals and groom them into decent human beings who can contribute to the society.

Let’s give these children a little hope by providing them with an opportunity to study!

  • Sponsorship for Education
  • Sponsor of Student (SOS)
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Other activities

Sponsorship for Education

ASHA-CHINH Advance Scholarship (AAS): The theme of AAS program is to enable brilliant students from economically weaker sections of the society to support their higher education. The scholarship will be provided to the deserving students, selected exclusively on academic merit, from the beginning of the 11th grade through the transition to college and the achievement of a college degree

Objective of AAS: The scholarship enables students to reach their potential as a contributor to society, when they would otherwise not have been able to. For some students, it rewards their achievements, empowers their personal development and strengthens awareness that their personal success is interdependent with the contributions and support of other individuals and organisations. AAS-1: First level of scholarship AAS-1 is meant for the academically meritorious students studying in class XI and XII. The scholarship would provide for the school fee and other education expenses. The amount of scholarship is Rs. 20,000/= per annum. AAS-2: The students who have availed AAS-1 and score admission to a govt. professional college on merit or through an entrance test would be eligible to apply for AAS-2. The scholarship endeavors to provide financial support to students during their first professional degree. The amount of scholarship is Rs. 75000/= or $1500/= per annum. A joint or partial sponsorship may also be opted for. Mechanism: Our multi-pronged approach includes long-term, one-on-one mentoring and year-round academic enrichment. All scholarship programs are tightly linked with the academic performance of the students and the scholar would have to maintain a minimum grade point or percentage of marks continue availing the scholarship. The sponsor would be provided regular feed-back about the progress of their sponsored student(s)

Sponsor of Student (SOS)

The SOS progam aims to provide support for basic education of the students during school. This is a powerful incentive for children to attract them to education and thus saving them to fall prey child labour or begging. This is an SOS call – to save the children and to save the society.

The SOS program helps students with their school fees, books and school uniforms. Sponsors receive annual written reports on their students during high school, and they are invited to participate in ongoing events of the school where the child is learning, including celebrations of students’ milestones. Sponsors also are encouraged to call our staff at any time to learn more about their students or to arrange to meet their students.

Sponsorships can be funded with a one-time annual payment of Rs. 12000

Who can be a sponsor: The sponsors include individuals, businesses, foundations, civic and religious groups – all of whom share a common belief in the power of education.

Become a Volunteer

Any organisation cannot be complete without a vibrant volunteer force. Giving, in principle, is a voluntary activity. Let’s join hands together to make a mass movement to give to our society.

The volunteers can offer to participate in any of the following activities:

  1. Creative writing and pamphlet designing to create awareness about traffic rules and safety.
  2. Spreading the message of ASHA-CHINH to larger sections of the society.
  3. Teaching in ASHA-CHINH school for the poor children.
  4. Deliver talks on Road Safety in schools.
  5. Organise debates, competitions or contests in colleges on topics of social relevance.

Other activities

  1. Some work has been done in Satya Bharti School , Hussainpura, Ludhiana, a school for the under-previledged children. Members visit the school from time to time to interact with children and to motivate them. Eatables are also distributed to children during such visits. Recently, ASHA CHINH provided an LCD projector (with big screen) to the school, which will help in making teaching more effective by providing audio-visual support to classrooms. The school has informed that the projector is proving to be of immense use in teaching of various subjects. Educational movies and documentaries will also be shown to the students during vacations or on holidays.
  2. A ceiling fan was donated to Government primary School, Laddian Kalan, Ludhiana
  3. Drinking Water facility installed at Gyan Arjan Acadmy, Bhadurke Road, Ludhiana
  4. One dialysis of a renal failure patient is being supported every month (Rs. 1300/-) through Ek Noor Sewa Society, Ludhiana since July, 2016.
  5. Woolen uniform (sweater, track suits, socks and shoes) distributed to Umeed school children, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana

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